A Travelers Guide to Heathrow Airport

A small tented village on a grass airfield in the early 20th century has grown to accommodate over 70 million passengers every year in the 21st century. Can you guess what it is? It is the UK’s largest and world’s fourth busiest, London Heathrow airport transfer gatwick to heathrow.

It’s Europe’s busiest airport in passenger traffic and the second busiest airport in terms of traffic movements. It’s in fact, hard to imagine Heathrow airport’s humble origin. The airport functioned as a military airport and training area for the British Flying Corps,

Hounslow Aerodrome, the Great Western Aerodrome, an airfield for aircraft testing and Royal Air Force base. In 1944, the military operation was transformed to a civil aviation facility and in 1946, the village turned to a permanent structure with 3 runways.

Heathrow Airport expanded very quickly regarding aspects of construction, passenger traffic, passenger movement and terminal development. Today, the airport has 5 terminals and 3 runways in operation.

With the terminals flooded with passengers, the airport is the hub for more than 90 airlines connecting 170 global destinations. The modern amenities and developments has made the airport a new-fangled airport that is always more utilitarian.

The retro-style eateries suit children’s menu and vegetarian options. A delicious coffee with hot chocolate, sandwiches and a variety of baked treats and goodies in Costa Coffee is a good treat for the travelers at terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is connected to terminal 1 and it takes just 5 to 10 minutes and on the way travelers enjoy great views. Lounges in terminal 3 and terminal 4 offer a calm, fabulous scenic runway views for relaxation. Restaurants with cocktail bars in terminal 5 attract many travelers.

Heathrow airport is connected to the London underground and you could connect to any part of the city. Transportation is fast and hotels with spacious rooms close to the airports offer excellent accommodation. Traveling to tourist attractions, hotels, stations, cities and seaports is comfortable with private transfer services.

Private hire vehicles and taxis can be prebooked by travelers for a safe and comfortable and hassle free journey. Heathrow Airport offers all sorts of facilities to travelers.

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