Guide to create a successful Virtual Learning Environment

Classroom learning has been impacted by this demand,Guide to create a successful Virtual Learning Environment Articles know more about how Aedu, School management software is supporting schools to keep up with this growing trend Language Immersion.

Let’s know more about the age of Virtual Learning Environment (VLEs)

Merits of VLEs:

The best VLEs provide the school with the following merits:

  • Flexible access to both time and learning.
  • It provides scalable learning, by covering large geographical areas with ease.
  • Tools to account for different abilities and skill sets.
  • Elasticity against unanticipated conditions like (the recent coronavirus outbreak) which makes face to face learning troublesome.

Taking it into consideration, let’s know more about what a school should have in order to set-up an effective virtual learning condition.

Choosing the right software

There is multiple amazing software available to you that can help you kick start your VLE, but you need to make sure that you choose the appropriate one for your school. Regardless of the software you opt for, you must keep in mind the following vital points:

Easy to use

People don’t accept changes easily especially when it involves learning new technologies. This makes it important to search for a system that is easy to learn and use. As a school, your VLE is probably going to be utilized by staff and students, covering various ages and capacities, so discovering something that is adaptable by everyone is a necessity.

Check for various capabilities and learning style

From GCSEs to A-Levels and IB, there are multiple subjects with varying test bodies and learning requirements, you have to ensure that your VLE leaves no man behind when it comes to supporting students on paths of education. Choosing something that complements multiple learning requirements and qualifications your school offers is of central significance to help keep students learning on track.

Tracking students progress report

Keeping a progress record of individuals or groups of students is fundamental to ensure that students are reaching their full potential. This can be challenging as they are relying upon digitalized learning. Whether it is a part of MIS or incorporated in your VLE, a good software system should facilitate this process. Aedu software has a module that helps to track progress reports for your students.

Flexible content upload options

While selecting a VLE platform one must make sure that it enhances student engagement. You’ll be able to broaden your options for the future and cater to a much wider audience by accounting multiple learning styles, and this could only be made possible by having a software that provides options to upload a diverse range of multimedia content, from interactive quizzes to videos, and online presentations

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