Information about the second episode for the “Destiny of Atlantis” storyline in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Ubisoft has announced that Episode 2, “Torture of Hades,” for the additional “The Fate of Atlantis” storyline in the world of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One line consoles (including Xbox One X) and Windows PC.

The setting for this episode is the realm of the dead, a vast, dark world of the dead ruled by the wise and cunning Hades. Players will encounter the souls of familiar characters and learn even more about the power of Hermes’ rod. Trying to leave this world, they will help the dead find peace and pay the debts assigned by Hades.

Each episode of Destiny of Atlantis will feature new ability enhancements corresponding to the hunter, warrior, or assassin branches. In the second episode, three of these abilities will become available:

“Flight of Kronos” for the warrior branch – the ability to take to the air and temporarily blind enemies nearby. While the character soars, time stops, giving a chance to use other abilities or take a leap of faith and hit the ground. If the character in the air fires a bow, the enemy will take critical damage when hit.
“Ares’ Last Sigh” is another enhancement for the warrior branch. The hero becomes invulnerable to enemy attacks, 5% of his damage goes to health, and all melee attacks are automatically parried.
“Artemis’ cunning for the hunter branch will turn arrows fired into deadly traps, dealing damage to enemies who get too close to them. The hero can use any arrow, and the type chosen will determine the effect when triggered.
To begin the Torture of Hades, you must meet one of two sets of conditions:

Complete the Mythos quest series, “Between Two Worlds” in the main story, and the “Memory Heiress” quest series from Forgotten Legends of Greece (character level must be at least 28).
If the conditions described above have not been met, a special shortcut is available. The player will be able to start exploring the realm of the dead by completing the series of “Memory Heir” quests, and his character will receive level 52, a preset set of abilities and the necessary resources. At the same time it will be possible to choose which of the heroes to play as. However, in this case, the progress will not be transferred to the main save, and the achievements will remain blocked.

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