Types Of Roofers To Avoid

Dallas Roofing are important builders who contribute to a person’s home. The roof is the icing on the cake in terms of curb appeal and functionality. This item literally covers everything in a dwelling,Guest Posting from drywall to ceilings and carpets to furniture, not to mention the inhabitants.

If this part of a house is falling apart, peeling, leaky or installed in an incompetent manner, it can be a challenging problem to live with and cause damage to other structures. Hiring a quality crew of roofers will make a big difference in how a residence looks and functions. There are some workers that are best avoided. Here are some things to think about:

Unlicensed handymen: The unlicensed handyman is perfect for an array of jobs. The roof; however, is not one of them. Handymen and handy women are great for building decks, shelves, painting or ripping out flooring. They are not usually competent in crucial structures such as roof, electric or plumbing installs. The exception to this rule would be a handyman who used to work for a roofing company.

Those that solicit door-to-door: Door-to-door salesmen who come to try to score a roofing job without being solicited may be scam artists. Estimates are best given when the homeowner has solicited the quotes because it’s evident that a new layer of shingles is in order.

A scam scenario that sometimes occurs is when an unsolicited construction team knocks on homeowners’ doors to tell them that there is a dreadful problem with a part of their home that the owners were not aware of. Many of these scam artists offer an unbelievably low price and want money upfront. The problem is that they take the down payment and are never to be seen again.

Before entering into any remodeling agreement, a homeowner should solicit the information, check references and look into the company’s reputation via the Better Business Bureau, the board of contractors and online reviews.

Verbal estimates: A roofer that gives a verbal estimate is really not giving a homeowner anything. Estimates must always be in writing and signed by the contractor. It’s impossible to give an estimation based on a drive-by or simply over the phone with measurements.

An experienced estimator will need a ladder, calculator, measuring tape and forms to write the figures on. Items listed in the estimate should include sales tax, dump fees, tear off, clean up and shingle delivery fees. Any rotten boards underneath the old shingles will need to be replaced and these figures need to be specified, as well.

Obtaining three estimates is a good rule of thumb so that the homeowner can make an accurate comparison. Rude or tardy: Contractors should be punctual and polite. Anything less than that places them in the “just say no” category. A person’s behavior speaks volumes about his or her ethics.

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